Bay Area / West Coast bonsai

Hey all,
I’m taking a road trip from Seattle to the Bay Area next week. Are there any nurseries/shops/gardens I should visit while I’m there? Or, even places to stop along the way.

Mirai? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice!

Tsugawas in southern Washington and Driftwood Bonsai on the southern Oregon coast for places to buy material. Maybe hit them up on the way back.

If you are wanting to look at Bonsai, the Lake Merrit collection in Alameda or Oakland is great. (Maybe closed due to COVID)

To visit Mirai you have to email them to schedule some time. Looks like the garden visits are shut down due to COVID right now though. There is a fee which is discounted for Mirai Live members.

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Tsugawas is on the list! Driftwood might be a little too far of our route, but I’d love to visit sometime.

You might also check with Jonas at Bonsai Tonight - he is in Alameda, CA

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Lone Pine in Sebastopol. Open Thurs, Fri, Sat.

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What about Mendocino Coast bonsai? I’m not sure if they do in-person visits though.

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Muranaka in Nipomo, Maruyama in Sacramento and Grove Way in Hayward to mention a few.

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