Mirai Tree Sale Begins 4/4!

Hey all!

We will be doing another tree sale this year, just announced - it will begin on Thursday 4/4, beginning at 9am PDT.

We are not releasing the list of trees in advance, to be fair to all buyers but there are both deciduous and conifers included.

Happy shopping!


The sale will start at 9am PDT on 4/4. There will be another reminder email the day before the sale. Enjoy!


People are quick. Some good trees already sold out as of 9:20!

Hi Sam, I’ve been trying to buy the Coast Live Oak 4 for a couple days now. I want to buy this 800 dollar tree and come pick it up ASAP. This tree is listed as unavailable for shipping but your online store is asking for a mandatory 400 dollar shipping fee, making the total 1200 dollars not 800 and there is no way to deselect the shipping option.

Basically I’m forced to pay 400 dollars for shipping a tree Mirai says can’t be shipped.

I don’t use credit cards - I spend only money I have and I have 800 for this tree but not 1200 for ghost shipping.

I find it hard to believe and except that Mirai can’t sell me this 800 dollar tree for 800 and absolutely needs the extra 400 only to give it back to me at a later date.

I don’t like that I have to pay a mandatory 50% mark up just to make the transaction.

Please take my 800 and let me pick up this tree! Thanks.

Jason (303) 495-8798