Stripe SDK Plan cannot be found

Hello all!

If you are having an error message popped up saying “Stripe SDK Plan cannot be found” please clear your cache and restart your browser. I am reaching out to our tech support now to address the issue if further action is needed!

Please let me know if this is or is not working for those of you that encountered this issue.



Just happy to see your first post eve! Rock on.

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Unfortunately the problem is still there even after a full cache cleanup.

@EGIstanbul try this way.

  1. Logoff if you are logged in. Optionaly clear cache.
  2. Login to forum with your User Name and Password
  3. Open mirai live page, it should be opened now and you will not have problem with stripe SDK .

Hope this helps,

Welcome aboard enjoy the ride!

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Hi Marko,
I figured out that workaround. But I guess Mirai team should find a proper solution.

@drmarko thank you for publishing your work around! @EGIstanbul, I know it is inconvenient, but did this method work for you to get you on the site?

We deeply apologize for the SDK issue. Mirai is working on up upgrading our system in order to teach more people bonsai around the world, and we ran into an unforeseen complication that we are working to resolve as soon as possible.

I will post on this thread as soon as I heard back from our website support with the resolution! In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

Hello everyone,

Our web developers have informed us the bug has been resolved, please clear your cache and try logging in again. If this does not work, please reply and we can communicate further. Thanks!

Hi Eve,
The workaround works, but the problem persists.

@EGIstanbul our web developers are unable to see any issues from their end so we are going to follow up with some more questions:

What browser(s) are you using? Have you cleared cache in those browsers with each attempt?

Eve I’m using safari on Ipad2, clean chance, but only logged like DrMarko said, even in my Galaxy. :joy: :joy: this today.

The problem persists on my PC with Chrome and Edge, on my macbook air with safari and chrome. I cleared the cache several times. I suggest to took at what you have changed recently or which SDKs or software you updated. I dont think that the issue is at my end.

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same with me. and today neither using forum link to Live. in my phone, using chrome the LIVE appears in red.

@Daniel_BR and @EGIstanbul again, I am so sorry for these login issues. This was an unforeseen issue for our web developers and we are working as tirelessly as possible to resolve this. I will keep you all updated; in the mean time, I appreciate your patience!

UPDATE: SDK error should be entirely resolved, please notify me if further issues come up. Phew! :slight_smile:

Hello Eve I’m having problems with my ipad 2 since yesterday when trying to use Mirai’s portal. Safari says the site does not exist by clicking the google search link for When searching for the Forum, the initial screen appears but does not load the tabs or the login option. I cleared all Safari browsing data and restarted the ipad, but nothing changes. On the phone, everything is normal, but the phone uses Android.


I am so sorry to hear of the trouble you are having! I Would recommend trying with Chrome or Firefox browsers on your iPad to be able to narrow down the issue to it either being the device issue or a browser issue. Let me know what you find out!