Issues with Library content?

Is anyone else having issues with playing content from the library? I am getting this error in Chrome, firefox and IE…

Disallowed Key Characters



Same here. I just watched the deciduous cleaning video maybe an hour ago and it worked but I’m getting the same error now.

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Same here, worked fine two hours ago and now nothing works.

I’m having the same problem. Have even cleared cookies and cache and still same problem…

Disallowed Key Characters…from what research I’ve done it has something to do with the cookies I think…has anyone emailed the MiraiLive team?

I’m getting the same thing. The only thing that works are pages I had opened from before on different tabs. Any new pages I open I get Disallowed Key Characters. Well at least it isn’t just me.

Hey all, I’m so sorry for this inconvenience! The problem should now be solved. The site is having an issue with the cache–so like I tell all of you all the time to clear your cache, now it’s a cache-clearing issue on our end :wink:

We hope to have this fixed in the next few days, and in the meantime I’ll keep fixing it manually. If it happens again, please tag me in the forum or email

Thanks for being patient!

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I emailed the support staff at MiraiLive and I was just emailed and told that everything should be good to go now. If still having problems, comment on here or email them but all should be fine I think

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