Some ancient junipers

Was up in the sierras today and found some mind blowing junipers. Really inspiration stuff


Amazing. I need to go out and see them.

Some really special trees @Norcalbonsai.
Thanks for sharing :pray:

Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for these. The detail / texture shots are great too.

Thank you. Gods handiwork: beauty through hardship and perseverance.

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There’s a message there somewhere.

Mind blowing trees, thanks for sharing :+1:t3:

Crazy trees! I’d love to see something like this in person. This summer I’ll be spending a few weeks in California and Portland. Can these trees be seen all throughout the Sierras?

wow, those are are really awesome trees. Beautiful.

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Pretty much, though they exist in higher concentrations north of Yosemite all the way to the Oregon border. Around Lake Tahoe is some of the best IMO.

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I don’t believe so no. Mind you I have not gone all over the sierras but junipers like this are only found at extremely high elevation. These were near Meise meadow, Carson Pass close to 10k feet. They are only a 30 minute or so drive from Lake Tahoe. If you’re coming to CA I suggest a visit to Lake Tahoe as it is absolutely incredible in itself. Shoot me a message if you’re going to go there and I can meet and show you

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Wow, awesome! Thank you very much! I’ll definitely keep that in mind and see how our plans turn out when we get closer. Would be really incredible (if not to say invaluable) to have a bit of local guidance for something like this!