2020 Collecting trips photo essay

I wanted to share some photos from my collecting trips in California over the past month. I collected Sierra junipers, lodgepole pine, Jeffrey pine, mountain hemlock and Utah junipers this year and found some great trees. Also visited the ancient Bristlecone pine forest this year (no collecting there of course!) Hope you enjoy the pics!


Awesome. Thank you for sharing!

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Great pictures. Beautiful really.
2 questions.
How do you like that RootSlayer sharpshooter?
What is your approx. survival rate?

Love the root slayer! I sharpened it with a grinder and it works great for severing roots and trenching out. In the past I have had 90% survival for sierras, lodge poles and Jeffrey pines. Utah junipers have lower survival rates, maybe 25-30%. I feel that this is due to the tendency for the root ball to disintegrate when lifting. This year I took great care to wrap the sides and bottom with movers wrap before trying to lift the tree and was able to keep them intact. I think it should increase survivability dramatically.


I would agree. Junipers are tough, as they also like to grow in crumbly, rocky soil it seems. I try and collect after them after a rain when at all possible. Thanks again.
Bonsai On!

Collecting after rains would be ideal. All the soil this year is powder dry, no wonder everything is burning out here! I think the Utah’s would also benefit from heeling in wood chips, but I don’t have the ability to do that in my space at the moment.

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:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: Thanks for sharing!!

That’s awesome! I want to go collect!

great pictures thanks for sharing… I would live to be able to collect trees like these in the country I’m living (UK) but sadly not.

I seem to recall a stream or podcast where it was stated the junipers have two types of root systems. There is the long, deep roots that anchor the tree and provide a bit of water during the dry season. And a shallow root system that grows during the rainy season that is used for growth. During the dry season the tree recovers as many resources as it can from the shallow roots. The best collection success is when the shallow are present. It may have been a discussion of sage, but it probably applies to other dry area trees as well.

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I have heard Ryan discuss that in regard to California junipers. Utah is similar in that it is a desert tree so I think it probably applies as well.

Love the photos Had a trip 2 years ago ,had not been Mirai member then I am from the land down under and did not know the trees then It is NOT allowed to dig our native trees and it is not often we get anything bigger than tube stock for sale Brenda

I have plenty of room for the Utah Junipers if you want me to baby sit for you!!
Thanks for sharing your photos!