California juniper!*!*

This one i got it at the Huntington library bonsai thon event. I got lucky as it was the only one the vender had. I always wanted a California, i was so happy i manage to get one.
This is how the juniper looked when i first got.

This is the front i choose.

I ended up slip potting it on a bigger grow pot and at the same time i check it root system to check it growth so i could try and figure how long it been in its pot.

It looks like a healthy root system. After slip potting it, i left it alone all of spring and now in the summer its been growing very healthy so i decided to wire it just to set its structure.
I’m still learning a lot and i have so much more to learn. I only been doing this for a year but without mirai i would be lost. I thank marai so much because i have the confidence to work with all type of material now.


My library barely even has bonsai books :weary: That’s a nice looking tree. Congrats and have fun!

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