Hollywood Juniper first wiring and 2 year plan

I got this ‘hollywood juniper’ from my local nursery (Bonsai West) in Boston. This one turned out to be very rigid, but I wired the branches down best I could. I jinned the top as well.

Does anyone have experience with Hollywood juniper and can share some insight?

Please let me know if I’m on the right track with my thought process behind the next 2 years of this tree. Am I being too cautious or aggressive?

I left it bushy because I want it to recover as quickly as it can from this work, and I want to repot in 4-6 months. I plan to leave it alone for the growing season 2021 after the repot, and see how it does. Spring 2022 is when I want to really style the tree: do a more aggressive cut back to interior growth, push the assymetry with length on the left and shorten the right, and aim for a more feminine design with some branch removal and smaller pads in the final design.

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks!


Looks reasonable from what I can see, but a picture from the front at mid height against a fairly plain background (the house siding would do) is better. I also like to get a view from one side or the other. When I am documenting my trees I like to take pictures from the front, left, back, and right. I should probably start to think about a picture from above as well.