Ancient Trees Posts

I realised after watching the Vortex Lecture that there has been a lot of times where ancient trees have been mentioned and discussed with in the streams and also within the forum.

However, we haven’t really got any common links for them. Hope people don’t mind me sticking this together.

Thickest Tallest and Oldest Trees Monumental Trees

Ancient Bald Cypress

Some Ancient Junipers

2624 Year Old Tree

Bristlecone Pine Inspiration Photos

Post a Photo of a Wild Old Tree

Atlas Cedars

2624 Year Old Tree Discovered in North Carolina Swamp

Inspirational Trees

Inspirational Red Creek Doug First

500+ Year Old Juniperus Virginiana

Design Inspiration Website

Ancient Forest Fanal Madeira


I think it’s great. Thanks for taking the time. There are a few posts here I missed. I wish I had taken some beter pics.

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Some things can’t be helped. Better pictures are always a good dream though… I know I am never fully happy with the majority of the pictures I take!


A few months late, but here is a link to a website that I am using for inspiration:

It has a fairly extensive archive of photos and you can search by species, oldest trees, country etc.
Definitely worth checking!


It’s never too late! Thanks for sharing this!!

Hello Grif.

Ancient trees - finding them and propagating them - is one of my primary interests and pastimes. I’m an outlier in the bonsai world in that my focus is on Western Red Cedars, but these are the trees that inspire me and bring me the most joy. Pictures of some of my favorites are posted here - .

Thank you for the tread.