Yamadori Hunting - Southern CA

I live in Orange County, southern CA. I was recently given permission by BLM to dig up a few trees in Barstow County/ Mojave. Hoping to find some CA junipers. Anyone in this region interested in joining me? I was thinking about going out again this weekend or wait till next season.
If interested pls message me. Thanks. :slight_smile:



1,000,000% interested. How did you get BLM permission for that?!

I also have a couple of spots that I need to scout for some awesome junipers before prepping to dig them.

Do you have any places that you’ve generally scanned? Where is this area limited to so I could help you search if you need it.

Great! :slight_smile: Persistence and constantly bugging them…it worked after 3 weeks. lol

So it’s Barstow county and Mojave area. I went to Apple Valley last weekend, Juniper Flats. Saw some good trees there. I was also told by city of orange that as long as it’s not part of “landscaping areas” or privately owned, i can dig up the tree. But not sure what areas are good in OC.
I’m mainly interested in finding CA junipers for now. What do you recommend? Can you DM me?

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I live in Apple Valley! I’ve never been out there, but I have plenty of places I collect from. They bulldoze acres of junipers out here all the time.

I’m also working on an amazing 30 or so acres of rocky mountains full of junipers that we could hopefully find a few easy ones on :smiley:

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Would love to get in on this! Can’t make it to CA but CO is doable! Would want to go with an experienced collector to ensure survival. Timing?

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Wish I could make it out to CO, but not going to be possible anytime soon! :confused:

I live in the City of Orange and had no idea they would allow digging up trees. I would think the best area would be near the Cleveland National Forest (Obviously the forest itself is protected) or somewhere in the hills behind Santiago Oaks Park. Let me know what you think??

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That is exactly what I was thinking as well. Tons of oak varieties, and a few other fun ones to play around with if you found them.

by Barstow county do you by chance mean San Bernardino County? If so, that is the largest county landwise in the US… :smiley:

yea same thing. haha

I’d love to drive up and doing some collecting with you guys up in the OC area. I can’t spend a lot of time out there scouting for trees to dig up, but I can bring some experience collecting up if you all wanna plan a collecting trip.

I’ve made about 3 new friends in the OC area from this post and you Nate in Apple Valley. I think everyone messaged me their number and if you haven’t yet pls do. We can def plan a trip together, at least go out in OC to scout for trees. I would be happy to coordinate with everyone and plan a day that works for all of us.

I live on OC as well and have some experience collecting, but i don’t have any spots nearby and would like to find some. I think a scouting trip is a good idea, but best to start collecting after the rains start. I’d like to join in as well if you guys are making plans… mviljak@hotmail.com