Foxtail Pine Inspiration Photos

The Foxtail Pine is a close relative of the Bristlecone, and they are some of the most stunning trees in California’s High Sierra (one of only two places they can be found). Here is an album of pics from around 10,000 ft elevation near Matlock Lake out of Onion Valley near Independence, CA from a backpacking trip in July 2017.

As with Bristlecones, the trees on the ridges are the oldest and most spectacular–often the side facing the wind is completely deadwood and the sheltered side holds any live foliage.

Taking a walk from camp to see them on the ridge after dinner around sunset is an incredible experience. This particular area is only about 2-3 hours hike from the parking lot in Onion Valley. Easy day tripping.

A couple of these pics include whitebark pine as well (the candy cane trunk is whitebark).

Click here to see the full album:



Thank you. Lovely trees. I sometimes wonder if more than a dozen of us non scientists even know what these are.

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Wow, camping among those giants. Did they talk to you? They remind me of the trees in the Lord of the Rings. Thanks for sharing that Keegan. Fantastic.

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Wow! Just…wow…phew…Incredible.

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what an incredible place!

Only a 3 hour drive from Los Angeles! A doable day hike as well!

Absolutely stunning!