Bristlecone Pine Inspiration Photos

I’m a frequent backpacker in California’s High Sierra. I will be posting some albums of alpine tree inspiration that I’ve found along the way. Here is the first, from a visit to the Bristlecone Pine forest out of Big Pine, CA.

I spent hours standing in wonder next to these trees (while my wife and baby waited patiently back on the path). They are incredible (both the trees and the wife).

Click this link for the full album (18 photos):

But these are not the only incredible trees up at elevation, there are many other spots and species that rival their wonder. Stay tuned for more photos.



Thanks for sharing Keegan. They are incredible trees. They don’t seem real in the sense of not being like other trees we normally see. They are a category of their own - the Ancient Ones.


Thanks for the inspo pics. I just picked up a big Bristlecone from Todd Schlafer that I’ll be styling with Bjorn in a few weeks.

Please don’t style a bristlecomne like a japanese “helmet” pine.

Was out there last fall when I went to Yosemite. A very revenant awe-inspiring place.

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