Second chance trunk?

I believe this is a Gum Bumelia. I collected it over a year ago and within a month or so all the leaves turned brown and fell off. In the Fall, shortly after I pronounced it dead, a pair of tiny green shoots came up from under the soil. Fast forward to now (Spring) and more growth has emerged.

Let’s say, for the purpose of this post, that the trunk above the soil died last year. Is it possible this growth could pump new life into that same trunk? Or is it that once it’s gone, it’s gone forever?

If the cambium is dead further up, then it’s done for could produce a small wound to check.

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NOT FAMILIAR with the species. Quick google check, could. Ya, check the cambium layer, starting at top…
I make it a policy to never throw a tree out until the second spring (especially decideous). My oakes ALWAYS bud back on old wood if the top dies. My horse chestnuts always sprout back, even from the cut off base/roots.

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