Can pomegranate regrow?

I have a young dwarf pomegranate that crushed by some freezing temps. There was significant branch dieback but the trunk and some of the larger branches seemed to be alive. Looking at it last night, it looked like it was dying back more and then I noticed that on the underside of the trunk, the bark had split and it felt like it had lifted totally off of the trunk. touching it basically girlded the tree since the area where the bark separated was soft and brittle. The barkless area is just above the base of the trunk and extends for about an inch and a half.

That said, the roots seem to be fine currently. Gently scratching one of the primary roots shows bright green healthy tissue. Does anyone know the changes of it pushing up new growth from the roots? I’ve seen ficus do this but I’m unsure about poms. I’m also trying to save the top via air layer but I don’t suspect that it will take given everything that happened.

I’ve definitely had mine come back from the roots, which sucks that the branching and trunk died, but I had deadwood to play with…lol

I’d hold onto it if you have any desire to keep it with regrowth from the roots cause it is likely that it’ll come back.