Pomegranate: pruning and repotting timing

When it comes to a pomegranate shohin in development:

Am I going to kill it if I prune in fall (after leaf drop), then repot in spring (minimal reduction of roots)? Should I wait a year on the repot?


Hi @hierophantic,
I have very limited experience with Pomegranate. I kept one going for a couple of years, then it died. I think you should be good pruning now, but what I do remember is that they look like they are completely dead after they drop their leaves. I remember scraping a bit of bark off with a thumb nail to see if they were alive. PS I killed my pom by letting it get too cold in the winter.


Thanks @AndyK! I’m sure I’m good to prune after leaf drop; what I’m wondering is whether I can also repot in spring after bud push, or whether I’m best served waiting a year.

(The level of pruning is secondary and tertiary branches, not structural.)

I prune mine at leaf drop, give it winter protection, and have followed by a spring repot. It can catch me out as it starts early even in an unheated storage area.


Thanks much @Blown55! You’re the person to beat with poms around here, so I’ll take that as a green light for my plan. :slight_smile:

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