Really starting to love this pomegranate

I set the initial structure on my pomegranate as it comes in for the winter. No real pruning to be done until after it recovers from the repot. Which of these do you like for the front?

Flower pic


I think out of those my favorite would be the second picture.

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That’s been the vote so far which is good because that’s what I chose as the front at first. I also made it sound like I’ve already repotted the plant. It won’t be repotted until the spring.

Were those pictures taken in November at time of posting or in what month does it flower?

How is it looking now?

Posted when I took them, but I had just bought it the previous month. Not sure if it was in a greenhouse prior to that. The seller was from Virginia. It currently doesn’t have flowers, but it does have mature fruit. The summer was a bit harsh on it and it was moved to a pot in the spring, so it looks similar with a slightly more lime tint to the foliage. Oh, and I had also been keeping it indoors last year. Not doing that this year.

To me, the second one has the most interesting movement in the trunk. It has those 2 knots that might be a turn off to some, but I vote second.

I like the second too, but the tree moves away from you. When I tilted it towards me to address that it took some movement out.