Anyone have some dwarf pomegranate experience?

I have mine indoors as it’s a Mediterranean species. It’s been okay, but I can definitely tell that it prefers to be outside. The daytime temps here have been fine. Low 60’s and even low 70’s a couple of days ago. It’s the nighttime temps that bother me. It’ll get to low 40’s or high 30’s. Think it would be okay to keep it outside in those temps? I’m even fine with it going dormant and dropping leaves. I’m just worried about the cold killing it. :confused:

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I have kept mine outside under those conditions. In fact I like to have it get a bit chilled in the fall before I bring it in. It is little more than a stick in a pot. It is now inside for the winter in a SW facing window and if I remember to keep it watered it grows long shoots and flowers some.

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Mine has been flowering and growing. I missed one watering though and it got super pissed haha. Dropped some leaves. Growing new ones now, but I just can’t help but think that it would prefer to be outside. I have it by a SxSW facing window and a grow light on it.

It will be fine in those conditions. Maybe some frost protection amd don’t let it freeze for an extended period. There pretty tough. I live in Spain we get down too 30 for a few weeks in the evenings. They drop all their leaves but burst back in the spring.

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These are the conditions this week. This morning I stared at it for a bit as I struggled with what to do. Then I looked at the forecast and was like “you’ll be happier outside.” It doesn’t ever freeze here for too long. May dip below freezing for one night and then bounce back up. If it gets that cold I’ve got room to bring it in.

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I keep mine on the ground, in a leaf bed in the winter, protected from Northern winds. My Dallas temps are similar to yours. We will have some cold snaps but frankly the wind is more of a concern to me. A hoop house on my future projects list. More tropicals than I want to move and rotate inside each year.

Dude, the tropicals this year has been a pain. I’ve had tropicals before, but they haven’t been so finicky.
My water jasmine and pomegranate has been a struggle. I don’t mind the daily checking because that’s what I like to do. The watering on a tray that gets gunky or full and needs to be emptied is what sucks. That’s on top of feeling like I’m not keeping it as healthy as possible. :weary:

I’ll have to look into a hoop house. Heard of them, but never really dove in. Is that like a mini greenhouse?

I should add that my other tropicals have been fine. Jade plant and cuttings are growing as is the Texas Ebony. Powder puff is recovering from it’s bout with mealy bugs. Bougainvillea is growing and flowering. Schefflera is doing schefflera things. Willow leaf ficus did not like the transition, but it never does. I need to do a better job of easing it indoors next year, but this gives me a chance to wire it out.

@Bonsai_Bentley. Because you’ve had it indoors all this time it would probably be more tender than usual. Your daytime temps are very mild so it could go out during the day and in at night. Once the temps get warmer start leaving it out overnight. I think you’ll see a difference in it within a week or so.
If you want to build a hoop house of your own (we call them polytunnels in the UK) then check out Mike’s Backyard nursery, or on you tube. They look easy to do. I have a greenhouse so I don’t need one…yet!

I hear you on the pain with tropicals this year… my dwarf pom has lost most of its leaves in the last weeks, then started back budding, and is now stressed again. There’s no frost expected for the next 10 days so I’m actually tempted to put it back outside some.