Ginkgo biloba - back budding

Hey guys,
I was wandering what i should do to promote back budding on a ginkgo biloba tree
should i wait for jun and then remove some leaves or should i remove leading branch tips?

i assume it’s a deciduous tree and i assume it will have a second flush of growth ? am i right?
observing the tree, i think it finished pushing (for now) all of his leaves and should be in an energy positive.

also in the same subject, if i do remove leaves, where should i focus and how will it effect the prediction of back budding?.. referring to Telperion farms podcast, Gary could predict where back budding happen according to needles and swirls manipulation, can i do something similar? if i want back budding to accrue in some location is there an action that i can take to raise my success rate?

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Hi @green_thumb
I want to say they are technically a conifer, but they will bud from the trunk. I have cut them back hard after leaf drop and the following spring it budded. Cuts are hard to heal. I would fertilise hard to build strength then cut