GINGKO BILOBA - Show em off!

I don’t see many Gingko Biloba. Especially not locally. Show it if you got it!


I love this topic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks for bringing it up @MrJesseStrong
This tree is on my list to have however they are very rare indeed. They are plenty in my area (not in pots tho) and one in front of the house I live in - at least my eyes are getting great satisfaction from looking at them often :wink:
I just recently read about Ginkgo Biloba and happy to share with you a bit that made me being even more fascinated by this gorgeous tree:
‘‘The Ginkgos were the first seed plants that were capable of extensive secondary thickening. They were therefore the first to resemble what we now think of as a ‘typical’ tree; they had a tall, tapering trunk, and a complex, branching crown. The Ginkgos also had more modern-looking fan-shaped leaves. Like cycads, they achieved their greatest diversity during the Jurassic period, when they had a worldwide distribution. They have since declined, and now just one species, Ginkgo Biloba, remains.’’
Apologies for text only but like I mentioned, this tree is on my list of ‘wish to have’ only. Hope the article made all owners a bit prouder about what they have in their collection so go on! Pictures please :slight_smile:


Next spring it will get new pot and styled


Here are a couple pics of my little gingko.


Wow! That’s a beast of a tree! Jeez…that’s incredible man. Thanks for sharing! I wish that was on my bench…


Gorgeous, Murph. Really like the container choice too. :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much for sharing! I’m hoping we can grow this thread to something substantial. I really appreciate people taking the time to get involved and shhsre their photos !

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Wow to both!
Can’t wait for the picture of repotted and styled one @GarryFrey
Agree with the pot choice and that ‘bench’ style is cool too :wink: Amazing piece @Murph :heart_eyes:

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Fantastic! Love its gnarly trunk. What’s the age on this guy?

I just saw a photo of your tree shown here on an Instagram account called @bonsai_vilas I don’t know if you know them or not but I thought I’d let you know either way.

Love the tree, it looks great in this pot.

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Here is mine.
Bought it in spring

and haven’t styled it yet. Wired it today and will be styled and pruned later on this week.


Want to see more Gingkos!
@Kerria . Post a summer photo?

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Here you go…


Your stand is a little large, but your background contrast is awesome.
Is that a Forsythia to the left?


I got this little ginkgo last year and I’m looking forward to put it in its first bonsai pot this spring.


@KurtP : There you go! :slight_smile:


Gingko in a chuck iker pot.


My Gingko rescued from a garden clearance 2009 was collect at about 8ft tall. Put in recovery for a few years. neglectected for a few more and officially in training for 2 years. This picture was taken last June. I hope good things to come this year.


It’s cool to see this thread actually growing! Keep em comin guys!