General Tree feedback

Hi Guys

Just looking to get some general feedback on a few of my trees. All comments welcome!

Garden collected Ginkgo Biloba been in my possesion for about 12 Years. Underwent a defoliation experiment which I posted in the forum in 2020. Repotted this season in a brilliant Remington Pot.

Fagus Silvatica again collected garden tree been in my posession about 12 years. Poor thing has been with me since I started the hobby and is my experiment tree. It has a hideous huge wound which has been carved out and filled with 2 part epoxy to try and heal, its been ground layered poorly to shorten the main trunk and give some root flair, failed thread grafts and multiple approach grafts that I decided for whatever reason to cut off after their success. SO it been through the war with me. I love it and it is very sentimental to me and I thing its development will only improve now my skills are growing with Mirai. It got a lovely Walsall Ceramics Pot this season.

Chamaecyperis Piserferia Boulevard bought and trained from 2L nursery tree summer 2018.

I can’t wait to hear good and bad feedback and I am well open to criticism.



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Hey Dave, my judgment is based only on my length of this hobby which is roughly same as yours. I have by now a lot of projects from bought pre-bonsai material to air-layered branch of a garden tree and none of my trees look like yours yet. I also keep killing some now and then by pure neglect. If this is a hobby to you and you are not any bonsai professional I say ‘darn good trees’ you have esp the Ginkgo and Beech :+1:t3:
What size are they ?
And if you don’t mind me asking for an advice about air/ground layering fagus, how long did it take to grow roots, any suggestions ?
I have one large European Fagus S. that sadly suffered drought last year and couple of branches never woke up. Also there are pretty bad scars in the middle of the trunk that even if healed will be an ugly feature so planning to air layer it to half size.
So far I have done so with some very easy hard to kill species.

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I just got my first trees this spring, so I’m not an expert. I’m struggling with keeping some of them alive…
But, from a design viewpoint, I’d be inclined to try and open up the front of the beech a little more so we can see where the major branching happens? Maybe remove a couple of the lowest branches on the gingko to emphasize that great taper?
I’d guess that kind of pruning on deciduous trees should wait until midsummer, too.
Overall, your trees look great. Thanks for sharing!

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I agree with opening up the front of the beech. You might want to pull the lower branches of the gingko up and create the multitrunk flame shape that is fairly common (my small ones are showing no signs of that option). The image of the cypress is a bit small to give much feedback. I find that pictures where the tree fills the picture against a fairly plain background are the best for seeing the tree’s features.

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Nothing constructive to add here - but I think you should be proud of all of these trees. I especially like your beech, sounds like you have a lot of history with it. I think these are all well executed and very interesting!

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Thank you. I really appreciate your kind words.

Awesome looking trees

On the Beech starting to define some negative spaces and creating breaks for the “soft billows” would increase the visual interest. Nit picking in an attempt at some constructive feedback but overall great job