Ginko biloba - stimulating branches

i have a ginko biloba bonsai for the second year
and i find it hard to predict where the tre will deicide to grow new branches.
i have locations where there is just nodes with leaves and i was wandering how i can stimulate the tree to
grow branches in these locations?

currently from what i observed, the tree selected one or two nodes at the top and only grow new branches there.

i would love to get some feedback from other people that grow ginko.

thanks in advance

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in order to promote the ramifications of ginko I always keep a high fertilizer intake, once a month a heavy dose, especially after pruning in late May - early June.
good southern exposure also helps.


Good luck with that. Ginkgo biloba is notorious for being unpredictable in its branching. Give it good care remove branches you don’t like and hope for the best in the areas where you do want branching.

Take a listen to the two Asymmetry podcasts with Dennis Vojtilla, he and Ryan discuss Gingko there and mention a few potential quirks about how to achieve ramification. Iirc, there may be a narrow pH range required to achieve optimal ramification (6.5 to 7 I think).


thank you Anthony for suggesting this podcast it was very educating :slight_smile: