Yamadori Hornbeam/ ramifications or repot?

Hello to everyone !
Last autumn I collected hornbeam tree and putted it in a plastic fruit box, letting it grow freely on the ground for a year.
It has continued to take root in the ground and I would like your opinion if I should continue with the pruning for ramification or dig it up again for repotting?
Thank you very much!

That’s a nice tree you collected :slight_smile:
I would transfer it to a box / pot from which the roots can’t escape being you. I believe you didn’t collect it to let it grow in the ground again but to create a bonsai - tree in a pot ??

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Box it for another year and don’t touch to the foilage to build to the roots. If you have one piece start to really hulk out and take over you can keep it in check but other than out of control growth I would let the tree gain energy while getting the roots strong for the bonsai pot.


It will be tough to build more than basic ramification with escape roots since the tree will grow very strongly. I would let the tree grow in the same container next year but off the ground, so it puts energy into the roots in the container. That should give you a good root mass to prune into either a bonsai pot or an intermediate grow box.


yes of course, I collected it to create a bonsai, but I left it in the ground to make sure that the tree will survive and grow strong enough

I think that the roots are strong enough since the tree is very fixed to the ground, and I am afraid that it will be the roots that will get out of control if I leave it in the same box for another year

yes, I think it’s the right choice because I don’t want to lose the ramification of the roots ad creating new fine roots. thank you

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I’m with Marty on this one! Exactly what I would attempt to do.

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse but I think you might have the potential for a world craft raft stylea( just wanted to put it in to the universe).

Assuming it behaves like all the hornbeam I have seen and assuming the 2D Pic is giving any decent representation of the tree in the real.

Best of luck with the recovery!