Gingko pruning questions

My recently acquired Ginkgo went berserk with new leaf growth from established side shoots, reducing nourishment for the central top leaves ( the smallerl ones pictured.)

I cut back much of the new leaf growth leaving the centre spire. There is some deadwood but I am leaving it to see if there is back budding.

It is growing well - lots of new leaves - but it is not approaching a flame shape. Should I worry about that?


I wouldn’t worry too much about it at this point. Wait until the tree is dormant and leafless and then make your decisions about shape. If you are worried about interior leaves dying back due to lack of light you can thin out the outer leaves by either removing them or cutting them in half. Not all gingkos need to be in the flame shape.

You are right @jrbonsai7. The shape will sort itself out eventually.
My primary concern is maintaining the apex and the central trunk. The upper trunk has produced new leaf growth since the pruning but the surrounding foliage canopy is catching up very quickly.
I just re-watched Ryan’s stream on ‘Flowering Quince Design’.
(Thanks @Bonsai_Bentley for slipping in the question.) I think I need to apply Ryan’s detailed work on the Quince to the Gingko.

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I hope I’m not celebrating success too quickly.
I think I can report new leaves sprouting at the apex of my Gingko after I reduced some of the surrounding growth.