Japanese Maple. To leaf cut, or not to leaf cut?

Hi All,
I have had a Japanese Maple for about 7 years now, I have been pinching the central bud for refinement for about 5 years now. This year, it decided not to give me any central buds- just the pairs of leaves. Tree was repotted last year and is healthy.
My question is: do i leaf prune this year? I want to keep the internal growth, but Im worried that the tree may not want to push back. Should I skip a year?

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Do you mind posting a pic please?

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Hi @MarkC
This is the tree. As you can see, there is no central bud

Looks to me your tree has finished pushing growth for the year, completely normal. Ryan just recorded a partial outer canopy defoliation stream this past week. Great content, review as soon as it’s released before moving forward is my recommendation.

Your tree looks very healthy btw.

I’d say go for it.
It just looks like it’s done growing for the season.
It looks healthy and buds will develope later on.
Same thing happened to my maples when they got used to growing as bonsai, in small pots and inorganic soil.
If you cut half of the leafs off,every other one of the pair, minus the weakest interior ones, it will push new growth. Though not as vigurously as the first flush.
Good luck.

Thanks. I went for it.

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