Big Box Store Japanese Maple - chop and root prune? Or just chop?

Found this maple at Home Depot and couldn’t pass it up due to the price. Had to chop most of the branches off to get into the suv for the ride home. It was balled and bur-lapped in the pot. I pulled it away a bit and just under the clay soil there is some root flare. I will probably ground/air layer from the trunk in future, but for now…suggestions?
Chop more off?
Tackle the roots and put into a shallower grow box?

Might put into the Forum Q+A next week, but thought I’d ask here as well.

Thanks for all opinionsu

I’d say you can do both now, if the buds haven’t started pushing. You can’t be as aggressive as Ryan was on this last weeks stream, but you should be able to set up the root system now if you have a good grow container to put it in.

Def. good to ask during the next Q&A too

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The buds haven’t started pushing. I will be pout of town for the weekend, but could get to work on it next Monday/Tuesday once I’m back. Figured I will put it up and get opinions first.

I would probably take are of the roots now and leave all of the branches to help drive root growth. By taking care of the roots now you will have a healthier tree and also know if you will keep it on its own roots or airlayer it. Those two options will probably drive different decisions about which branches to keep. You have some places where there are multiple branches close which we would generally reduce to two, but with a root prune this year the growth will not be super strong so that will lead to less swelling.