Acer Palmatum/Japanese Maple Leaf Condition in December

Hi Guys!

Newbie in Bonsai. I just want to know if the Japanese Maple should have no leaves at all during this time. As I just recently bought one this December and it still has leaves on it and I can see some buds coming out. By the way, I’m in Singapore which is a tropical country. The reason I bought this tree is because I’m very interested to have a Japanese Maple bonsai and they are very beautiful. Eventhough I’m in the tropics, I still bought it and I wanna see if it survives and develops into a beautiful bonsai. Do I need to take out the leaves? Or just leave it be. Thank you in advsnce for your replies.

Hi Ramer, as you are in the tropics you can leave it alone for now. It needs partial shade especially during the hot periods of the day as the leaves scorch easily and keep a check on the watering. Singapore has a bonsai society so it would be worth contacting them for local advice.


Hi Keith!

Thank you for the reply. I will leave it and see what happens. I also saw some people here in Singapore who has Maples. I guess they can be grown here. Hopefully they flourish.

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That’s interesting. How do you provide trees with dormancy in a tropical climate?