Ginko biloba air layering

How tough is a ginko to air layer?
I have access to a fairly nice 24" tall, 3+" diam. trunk, healthy ‘troll’ G. biloba that has a reverse taper graft and rough bark below. It is still in a 3 gallon plastic pot, with lots of roots. ($100 cost.)
I see document info only at 50% survival? Cold winters here, will I need a greenhouse?
Is it worth doing?

Hey Kurt, I haven’t tried air layering a ginko, but I would give it a shot. If you are reluctant to risk the $100 I would be interested in giving it a try if the upper portion of the tree is interesting. Let me know.

I live in Connecticut and have a ginko I air layered in 4 places. All are sprouting buds this spring.


Hi realise this blog is quite old but I have inherited (off a neighbour) a young and badly shaped tree, when air layering do you need a root feeder branch as you do with a juniper or do you treat as deciduous and can branch or trunk layer?
Hope you can advise

@BonsaiDoc . Any info on above question?
My sources say a trunk base airlayering works… about 50%. Spring work, or after leaves are out?
Completely girth to wood; And rootone?