Rocky Mountain juniper design advice

I received this juniper from an elderly friend who was noticing its health decline. Apparently he had been given it when it was about 40 years old supposedly… And had it in his collection for about 30 years without being repotted, so that can explain the size of the tree. The old container Was a birdbath and didn’t have any drainage to speak of. The roots were growing outside of it actually but I since put it in this plastic pot. The tree has been in my collection for about nine months after the repot so this year I am considering doing some styling to the tree , any suggestions would be very helpful. This is the biggest/most important to me project I have yet to do. Last pic has a couple of red lines that I was thinking about chopping to go for a wind swept style, air laying for the great movement on the near vertical branch

Maybe it’s just me, but, I can’t actually see any picture.


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I really like the movement of the trunk you are considering chopping. But, I don’t know anything. It does seem a bit thin and wispy so maybe cutting it would concentrate the energy into the other branch. Again, just speculating. I think it is a very nice tree.

It looks quote leggy. I would try to keep the foliage for compacting growth and I would keep the top branch and bend it quite heavy to keep foliage and compress the straight pieces.