Q+A TODAY 3/26 - Message for Standard Members

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well & staying safe.

We are planning to allow Standard members to join our Live Q+A today so they can get a look at what a great resource it is.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get our native chat function up & running as a trial for Standard members–so if you are a Standard member watching the Q+A today, you’ll need to use this link to join a chat for Standard members and post your questions: https://tlk.io/bonsaimirai

Thank you for your understanding!


Thank you for opening this. Great uppertunity to see how it works and to see Ryan work.

Hi @Sam,

I can’t seem to access the Live Q+A for some reason.

Yes, I can’t access the Live Q+A either

Hi all - I should have been more specific in this post. The 10am Live Q+A was open for Standard members, as stated in the emails I sent to everyone, the 3pm is for Pro folks only. I apologize for the confusion!

Ah damn :slight_smile:

No worries then :wink:

Thanks again for the opportunity to see the live Q&A’s. As a member from Europe i have one question @Sam . Will there be more live Q&A’s at 10 a.m because that would be a perfect time for us here.

Thank you at the whole Mirai team. In front as well as behind the cameras. You guys are awesome!!

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You’re so welcome @SkeiL! There will definitely be more Q+As at 10am for Pro members–not sure when we’ll do another Q+A including Standard members.

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