Expanded Q+As This Week

Hey everyone!

We know many of you are staying home right now due to the efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. This is a tough decision, and we commend you all for making it! Similarly, we thank those of you who cannot stay home at this time. We’re all going to make it through this together!

In the spirit of bringing some light to these uncertain times, and encouraging folks to channel some of that nervous energy into their bonsai, we are expanding Q+As this week.

There will be TWO Live Q+As on Thursday - 10am and 3pm PDT.
Forum Q+A will remain open to as many questions as we get through Wednesday night (one per person).

Standard members–if you’d like to jump on the expansion of Q+As and get your questions answered, you can upgrade to a Pro subscription on the My Account page of Mirai Live.

As always…thank you all for the support. We couldn’t do this without you. We love each & every one of you. Wash your hands, stay safe, practice social distancing, bonsai hard, water soft (the updated mantra).

We’ll see you at the Q+As!


Hi Sam.

I’m a beginner and this Thursday will be my first live Q and A - very excited! I have a question about starting bonsai from a cutting from a tree (you helped me with the link to air layering in an email - I want to take a new growth cutting or air layer from a 30 foot tree that is dying to hopefully continue her story - she is a very old tree). How do I participate in the live Q and A? I still have some questions.
Thank you again for your help,

Hi Gina! You can participate in the Live Q+A by just being on the homepage of live.bonsaimirai.com at 10am PDT or 3pm PDT. At that time, just refresh the page and there will be a red border around the main video box. Click there to be taken to the Live Q+A. You type your question in the chat, hit enter, and then I read the questions out loud for Ryan to answer. Please make sure you also have the species of the tree ready in your question. See you there!

You can also check out the propagation video on the library, it has all the useful info on cuttings as well as another example of air layers.

Thank you so much Sam!!

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Hello Team Mirai,

wow. I believe your commitment and dedication towards your community (and Bonsai) is exemplary.
You see me very impressed.

All the best
and keep washing those hands! (safety advice from Mirai >> must also be a first ;- )

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Thank you so much Gregor! :heart: We love you guys. Gonna keep doing everything we can to keep bringing you guys bonsai positivity!