Instead of Q&A sessions

Following Ryan’s recommendation, I open this Topic to discuss ideas that could possibly replace some Q&A sessions.

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My first recommendation: How about dedicating a session to discuss Pines, different types (native, Japanese) (long/short needle) (single/multi flush), their nuances and how/when to do what, as it is sometimes a bit confusing.


I agree. Making Q&A sessions specific to:


Making the Q&A focused on specific topics or categories in certain segments makes the flow smoother, and there’s follow through rather than jumping back and forth.

Maybe have questions submitted early?


I like the pine idea, but I feel that it should be more of an additional video for all subs not just a tier 3 type of thing

The problem with potentially removing the Q&A for the Tier 3 members is that you somehow have to replace it with content that is either non-essential and not considered as core to the practice of bonsai, and/or so detailed that it might not interest the average bonsai practitioner.

A couple of ideas I had (with the Q&A being the main reason I’m tier 3) would be a video of a live in person mirai class or something of the sort, videos of the Mirai team collecting trees, In depth video of how trees are field grown, specific videos of problems you have had with trees (aka the other pomegranates that had die back could be included with other trees that might’ve died?), how to push the limits of heat and cold when growing differing species and what would or wouldn’t work (many of us want to grow species like Maples, but it is too hot, how to cope with that, and when it just won’t work, etc.), Maybe recordings/photos of time lapses of trees that you can go through and possibly discuss what you did and why you saw certain things and go through a full season so we can see the entire product (etc.), videos explaining and displaying correct and incorrect uses of feminine and masculine characteristics, show preparation and the nuances of it (possibly being in different pot for it and aftercare, growing moss quickly after repot, etc.

One big thing I’d personally LOVE is videos of you critiquing displays and trees that are shown. I’ve seen every youtube video of you judging trees that is up, and I’d love more of it. This is something that seems to be restricted to those that enter shows. I think it would be even cooler to have Mirai submitted photos (I know, not the best to judge from :/) or even videos of 360 spins and different angles that you would choose from to judge.

I think @ThienXiang is onto something for the Q&A though. If you had us submit questions you could then have someone sort out the questions into specific topics and then you could come up with a better flow while answering as many of the questions as possible while still maintaining a solid flow to the stream.


The topic of diagnosis of problems on my pines is a real question I have today.
There is brown stripes on one of my Ponderosa pines that has me concerned. A post from Michael Hagedorn described browning from over watering or needle cast from a disease.

I believe the strips of brown with green yellow brown red banding means the problem is a fungus, but I failed to recognize it when the needles were new……. so is it too late to treat?
Any advise for treating a ponderosa with browning bands in June? The foliage is hardened and twisted. :worried:

I think any of those ideas would be beneficial to the Mirai community. With that being said, I love that the Q&A sessions are even an option. It is an amazing benefit to being a Tier 3 member. However for my wife and I, and perhaps others, we aren’t even able to participate based on the typical scheduling as we work during the week.

Considering that, I would offer the follow suggestion to make the Q&A sessions more accessible to the Tier 3 membership. Incorporate some kind of opportunity to email in questions to be answered during the session. I do see that has the potential to really snowball, but it could be limited to prevent individuals from taking advantage of that opportunity.

Additionally, we tend to focus our attention on the streams and feature content, rather than the Q&A sessions. Although that is likely based on the fact that we don’t have much of an opportunity to participate. It would be sad to that option be eliminated as I’m sure those that are more active within it are receiving an amazing benefit! If there was a replacement of sorts, I’m sure that it would be awesome, as is the rest of the content provided!


Actually I like the current format of the Q&A’s. By allowing any question, it becomes of practical value when callers are asking about a technique for a specific tree they are working on or about to, at that time. The timeliness of the questions makes the Q&A invaluable. There are many species and many techniques. How else can a question be dealt with in a vitally timely manner without be able to ask any question and not be limited to a specific species or technique for the Q&A? Any restriction could become an impediment to getting information members need to work on their trees at that time.

I think we all agree that Q&A is extremely useful. I did notice though and I guess I am not the only one, that there is repetition of question at times. I personally would not mind having something else in its place every now and then. I am not saying it should be stopped, but something different every now and then could be more productive in terms of education. My 2 cents.

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How about a session discussing failures and how these could possibly be avoided? Ryan is very transparent and I am sure he would not mind this.

The Mirai Team starts a forum thread for every live stream. Might it be better if all or most questions regarding the live stream topic be discussed in the forum? That way the 1 hr Q&A will be best utilized to answer questions outside the live stream.
I think some of the questions in the Q&A were already asked in the stream (just different phrasing/wording) or the answer is already in the stream, and some just need clarification, others seem redundant too.

My ideas for alternatives, though I love the QandAs:

Apex building with different species/different bonsai-styles

or even better

Discussing members trees for design solutions life with everyone moderated by Ryan. Members send in pictures of a tree beforhand.

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Yeah. Like an on-line study group.

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My two cents: the Q&A is the main reason I’m a Tier 3 member. Being able to hockle Ryan about whatever crazy stuff I’ve come up with in the last week is a huge boost to both my confidence and my practice.

hierophantic, Amen, amen, amen! (I had to use 20 characters. .LOL)

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Living in the antipodes means the Q&A is usually on while I’m testing my eyelids for light leaks…2 - 3 - or 4am ish here. Therefore I’ve never seen one live. The one time it was on at a time I could have made it, I completely forgot that it was on. :frowning: Oh well, maybe one day.

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I personally would like to see the following:
Tier 1: Live viewing of both main stream and Q&A without access to archives.
Tier 2: Above with unlimited access to all streamed/recorded content. No input\questions during live streams.
Tier 3: Includes all privileges of Tier 1 & 2 + may participate during live streams, exclusive invitation to a semi-annual workshop with Ryan and Mirai Team, discounted merchandise and additional services, small quarterly or semi-annual gift (:tshirt:, :womans_hat:, :scissors:, :wrench:, :deciduous_tree:, :chestnut:, etc).

I like the Q&As, but maybe they could occasionally be focused on a scope of practice. For example, apex creation, repotting, pot selection, design nuances (what makes a good windswept, raft, exposed roots, literati), revisiting trees to view progression and anticipated evolution, etc.