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No one should practice bonsai in a bubble.

This is your portal for connection to and collaboration with everyone in the Mirai Live community. The Mirai Forum is a place for your bonsai knowledge to be progressed, cross-pollinated, evolved, and applied. Gain insights, share ideas, troubleshoot your issues, and receive feedback from bonsai practitioners throughout the world.

This forum is for Mirai Live members,

to connect with each other, ask questions, advance their practice and get feedback. The forum is available to all Tier levels; it is a place beyond the live streams to interact and build your skills.

While non-members can view the topics discussed, only paying Mirai Live members will be able to interact by responding to and creating new threads.

Mirai staff will moderate the forum and make sure everything is organized, but we aren’t available to answer questions and provide support 24/7. This forum is your opportunity to utilize the knowledge of other Mirai Live members to grow your bonsai practice and community.

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click the **+New Topic** button at the top right-hand corner of the forum home-page. In the title of your post, sum-up your inquiry or comment. In the main text area, flesh out your question or ideas. You can post images, connect videos, include links to other resources, use emojis - it's pretty limitless.

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If you cancel or end your subscription to Mirai Live,

your access to interacting on the forum will also end.

More questions?

Read our community guidelines , check out our Mirai Live F.A.Q. , and tech troubleshooting threads. Also, feel free to email support@bonsaimirai.com.