Pot Suggestions for semi-cascase azalea

Finally time to repot this beauty. This one has white flowers. I plan on dropping that lowest trunk a little and tucking it in slightly to get a deeper cascade. Love both of these pots from Bjorns place. Thoughts appreciated.


I like the second pot. It is just plain a prettier pot in my opinion and I don’t think it will overwhelm the azalea, particularly in bloom. It might overwhelm a plainer tree.


as a pot i would prefer #2 but for white flowers i lean more towards #1. Some concerns regarding stability though.

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My vote is for #2 also. Maybe for stability make sure one of the feet is directly under the cascade in branch?

AND bungi it to the bench…:roll_eyes:

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I looked at both those pots this week for a semi cascade azalea. Mine has a bright pink flower though. For a white flower I like the look of #1 but considering the overall size stability could be an issue. Still #2 isn’t a bad choice either.

Thanks for all the feedback. Did not realize stability would be an issue, but I definitely see it now. Would an elegant oval of similar depth and size be a better fit you think?

I like the flared round pot much better and an oval. Another, more stable pot would be a lotus. The base will be broader, but the lobes will make it look lighter.

How big are your proposed round pots compared to the pot it is in now? That may have an impact.

Hi Marty - thanks for the heads up about the lotus. I do like those pots a lot. The current pot is 12in. The baby blue proposed round is 12.25 and the darker round is 12in. Height is about 4.5in.

With those dimensions, I think the second pot with the leg under the cascade is probably more stable than the current pot and the first pot is less stable even with the leg under the cascade.

I agree. Thanks Marty. A little
More stability in these pots I think. The multicolored round is 13 inch. Both are the same height at 4.5in.

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Out of these four pots I am thinking pot #3 (the blue and yellow flared round) might be the best combination of stability, elegance, height and color. What would you do you?

I like the 3rd pot the best as a pot, but wonder if it will be too big and heavy for the tree. It is the same height as the current pot, an inch wider at that top, and appears to be wider at the bottom as well. However, the in curve and foot make it look a little lighter than the current pot. The 4th pot is also very nice and looks lighter than the others due to the design even though it is apt to be the most stable due to the width of the base. I suggest you get both, try them, and send me the one you don’t use. :grinning:

I missed the repot last season and now have some different pots to choose from. Currnet pot is 12 x 3.75.

The blue round is 11.25 x 4 inch.
The brown oval is 12.25 x 3 1/8
the cream glaze i s 12 x 4 1/4”
The lotus is 13 3/4 x 3 1/16”. I like the lotus shape, but not sure this is deep enough for a semi cascade…

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The lotus didn’t upload. I do like a lotus under a flowering tree.

Of the 3 I prefer the third. I do like the blue, but the lip is to thick for me.

Thanks for the feedback! Oh damn, here is a pick of the lotus and another pot I am thinking about. I didnt know what is was about that blue pot, but yes, the lip is large…

Seeing this Id go for the white pot. Brown really isnt my thing for flowering trees.

Im more of a bold colour for my azalea. But its alot smaller of a tree!

For me, I do like the brown though, gives it a stoic and classic profile I think.

The flowers are white on this bad boy, FYI. I do like yellow and was also considering this one…but its close to 500 bucks…

Of what pots you have shown… I like the muted blue / yellow swirl bowl, second post. Van Gogh’s Starry Night…
AND, bungi cord it down…

Pots will always be a personal preference. 500 would be a far stretch for me aswell…
Good luck picking, I dont think you can go completely wrong with your choices:)