My Satsuki Azalea

In full bloom. Enjoy


Thanks for sharing

My Kaho in return


Both are great trees. Acquiring a satsuki is on my list for 2024.
Robert, may I ask why you chose the tan unglazed pot? It seems a little unconventional for such a bright, strong tree.

I selected it based of a picture that made it look lighter with a pinkish hue. Saw it before buying loved it and still decided to buy it. It is definitely up for replacement next repotting season and I will indeed go for glazed probably off-white or cream.

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What about something with a hint of yellow-green, to tie-in with the color of the stamens and pistils?
Assuming, of course, you can find or afford to commission such a pot.

Could be an option and I do realise that white / off white could be a bit bland. Just have to find one within my budget. Likely it will would have to be a commission. My favourite bonsai dealer (one of if not the biggest importer in Europe) has a lot pots but none that really fit that. I have seen a darker green mokko that could work with the flower but would be less interesting most of the year. Will visit before repotting when he received a big shipment of pots he is waiting for.

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Was watching this video for inspiration and was surprised by the number of unglazed brown / red pots. But blue might be an option.

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My other azalea looks fine in an unglazed brown pot. Rules are meant to be broken :sunglasses:


Yeah, but Iā€™m still trying to learn the rules so I know when to break them. All my trees are either in plastic pots from Amazon or in nursery cans. Hoping that I can 1. Find a few pots I like and can afford before next spring, and 2. Have some trees that I like enough to put in a good pot.
But, having watched that video twice (between the incredible trees and following the subtitles, I kinda missed the pots the first time), some of the unglazed pots are awesome, especially when a darker value than the flowers. Thanks for sharing the video.

Addendum: Iā€™d kind of like to see a picture of the first azalea against a different background. The pot is almost the same color as the turntable and stand, and its visual weight just vanishes. A staged glamour shot might give a completely different impression.

@Richard_D & @Robert thanks for sharing, love azaleas especially well developed ones like yours. Iā€™d like to share a couple of mine, enjoy.


Very nice. I especially like the first one, with the variegated flower color.

Beautiful flowers; healthy trees. Thanks for sharing.

Kogane Nishiki just starting to bloom.

Pots for Satsuki can run the gamut of colors and shapes depending on shape/style of tree and flower color(s). One thing all satsuki pots have in common is they are deeper than the usual bonsai pot. This is done for the continued health of the tree. One can often see exceptions to this guideline during shows. In the old days satsuki were often potted in shallow pots for a show and back potted in their deeper pots afterwards. Not so much now.


A work in progress.


A decision has been made, next year it will go into this pot by Kakuzan.