Casscade specific repotting techniques

Does anyone have any ideas/knowledge/tips specific to repotting a cascade? I know repotting should stick to species specific methods first, but I wasn’t sure if traditional cascade pots brought any additional considerations.

As we all know, a “cascade” pot is taller than it is wide, so that limits the tradional idea of a wide, flat rootbase. I have a few casscades that are due for a repot and have always just repotted them without any casscade specific techniques (if there are any). I did a google search, but didn’t come up with what I was looking for. Thanks for your time.

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Do you have a photo of the tree and would be pot (or same pot)?

Doesn’t always have to be a deep/tall pot, as long as it is the right size, and serves the functionality and stability aspect.

@ThienXiang I can post some pics of the trees, but I dont have pot selections. One is a procumbens in a smaller pot, that I will probably keep in same pot.

The other is a cedrus atlantica ‘saphire nymph’ that needs refinement and a bit more taper on the base (possibly an air layer in the future).

Watch the repotting fundamentals in the archive.
Are your trees in refinement or development?

Practical advice? Make sure the tree is secured to the pot tightly. Don’t count on the deeper pot and deeper roots to hold the tree down. Otherwise, the pull of the cascade will tear the tree right out of the pot.

Also, depending on the tree, consider potting the tree a little higher in the pot than normal. I have 2 cascading trees. The one that is potted higher, has a more precarious, “side of a mountain” feel to it, while the other feels safer, if that makes any sense.

Play around with the idea that, though the pot is flat and secure, a cascading tree usually doesn’t grow that way. Made my tree way more interesting, because now it looks like it’s tightly grasping the soil while being pulled down by a void, instead of safely growing out of the ground. The danger of coming loose plays a nice Ying to the cascade’s peacful, veil-like Yang.

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