Pot choice for hollow Acer campestre

I can’t edit my post anymore but just incase anyone seeing this was thinking of going, Expo has been cancelled due to Coronavirus.

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I assumed it would have been @Ralph, quite sad, I wondered if I’d meet there too. I close the Museum I work for tomorrow and start working from home. It’ll be nice to be close to family and trees, but it feels rather distressing, especially for all my more elderly volunteers.


I’m in love!


Very nice! Who is the potter?

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It’s from Peter Krebs of Germany, I really love his work but I don’t believe he makes pots this size anymore, blessedly I have had the opportunity to acquire two in quick succession for two.of my favourite trees. This is just the virtual image, it isn’t in my hands yet and I won’t be repotting either for another 11 months.
This is the other pot I have on order:


Is it in your hands yet @Silva_Naturalis? Post some photos of the new pot for your Campestre when you get it. :smile: Would be great to see some photos of it other than in your virtual image.

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@Ralph yes, the light is poor just now, but here’s the photo I do have

Not great photos, but it’s going to look truly stunning when it’s united with the tree next year.

That’s going to look great! Big improvement on current rectangle I think.

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For sure, I’ve put up with that rectangle for a long time, but it will have been with the wait.

and thanks again for the suggestions and virtual @Ralph, it really set me on the right track after years of indecision!

No probs. :slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward to seeing an update of it repotted next spring.