Plant Identification Request

Howzit? I am in south San Jose, CA and have a bunch of these little trees popping up like weeds in and around the yard. My first thought was Bay Leaf (Laurus nobili), but the leaves do not seem fragrant (at least not as strongly fragrant as I would suspect). I threw some in pots and will continue to see what happens, but I’d like to know what they are. Thoughts?


I’m thinking it’s a type of ficus. Looks a lot like Indian Laurel, or maybe a Golden gate.

Could also be a type of privet. Should be easier to tell when it flowers/fruits.

Thanks…haven’t noticed any flowering yet, but the seed has to be coming from somewhere.

I would guess Privet.

Looks like a species of photinia, possibly Taiwanese, or red tip, red tips are common here in Texas.

Thanks; some plants exhibit reddish tips