Need help with plant identification

Got another clearance plant. $25 this time. I have a sickness lol. The tag says blue point juniper (juniperus chinesis), but it doesn’t look like one.

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The first step is admitting you have a problem.


Decided that junperus chinensis is correct, but not a blue point juniper. Looks to be some variety of shimpaku which is kinda fun I guess. I’m intimidated. The branches are stiff to say the least. I guess I’m going to have to bend them with rafia? I plan on air layering off the tops of the twin trunks and one of the lower lateral branches. Air layering is also new to me. Guess I’ll be cutting my teeth on this tree. I just hope that I don’t hurt it too much.

Anyway, did a mild cleaning and worked on revealing the nebari. It’ll probably end up as a twin trunk upright tree with the tops of the trunks jinned. If I get really intrepid I may rafia the trunks and bend them in such a way to have them twist around each other a bit. We’ll see.

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