Identification and Design Ideas

Hello Bonsai World!
This is my first post on the forum, likely first of many.

My questions about this particular group of trees i’ve been growing from seeds, is mostly for identification purposes but also about design.

I went on a Roadtrip down the West Coast of the US in Spring 2019, Washington down to San Francisco, and then over to Nevada and back up. Great Trip! Along the way, I may have picked up a pine cone here or there, and some sort of Juniper berry or two somewhere in the desert, and planted them when I got home, just to see what would happen…

Just about two years later, this is the result, and now I have no idea what to do with them. I didn’t do any pruning except maybe a snip or two.

I am curious if anyone has any idea what species of Juniper this may be? It has Needles, not Scales, but that could be because it is still young? The bark has a bit of a red tint to it, and the tree smells like PineSol or Lemons or something like that. Very nice!

The small Pine tree is possibly a Ponderosa Pine, seems to have bunches of 3 needles.

Opened to ideas about anything! Repotting, Design style ideas, whatever!

Happy 2021


I think it could be cypress trees and the small one (pine) looks like a larch to me, but I could easily be mistaken

Looks like a pine to me.

We’re these wild trees, or domesticated urban wannabees? Makes a difference in guesses…
Does that ‘area’ have any native cupressea?

Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. Looking at the pictures and your description it sounds like you may have some monterey cypress as they are well known for their lemon scent when you brush your hand up the foliage. If you want large trees really quickly then this it the tree to do it with. Give them space and they will grow and fatten up really fast. It’s speed of growth is one of the reasons why leylandii, which is a hybrid, is super fast.
As they grow the needles will give way to scale foliage. When repotting don’t remove more than 30% of the roots and you’ll be fine.