Bay Laurel as Bonsai?

I’ve been meaning to try this experiment for a few years now, but never got around to it. With all the free time due to Covid, this is the year.

I have a Bay Laurel that I bought 8 years ago or so. It spends it’s summers in the back yard, and winters in the study. It has developed a nice nebari, so I am going to see if I can make a bonsai from it. The leaves will be large, but maybe I can get them to reduce over time.

Today I hard pruned the tree back. Hopefully it will bud back well. I know it has in the past when I have pruned it back. Next step is to pot it up.

Anyone else ever tried this with a Bay tree?


Ya. Long ago. Really liked it. Was nice growth habit. Eventually succomed.
Not as nice as yours.
Nice other point, the fresh leaves are superior in cooking…

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I’ve been playing with a Bay Laurel that my partner has been neglecting for years. Just had its first styling and equalisation, so a little raw but certainly with potential and it stands at apex. 30cm. And certainly affirming KurtP’s adage that fresh leaves are best.


Yes, we bought the tree originally in order to have fresh bay leaves. It has kept us and all my neighbors well stocked in bay leaves over the years.

I see you cut the leaves to make them smaller. Nice touch! :smiley:

Real nice tree @Michael_Kempson.
Yup…Partial defoliation, and terminal bud removal… @Bob_McCarlie
No pesticides… if used for food. Not even been. Course, the bugs would be tasty…
Now I want another bay tree…!