Forsythia Raw Material

This forsythia has been collected in my garden in 2014. Has been in this training pot ever since.
Done some rough work, cutting thick branches and it is growing and blooming well.
About 2 weeks ago I’ve done some work on the dead wood. (there is a big hollow in the center).
This is a “before” picture.
I’m planning to repot it into a smaller training pot now.

Any of you have suggestions for the styling? Do you have experience with the species as a bonsai?
All tips are welcome! Thank you.


Nice one! Something came straight to my mind after seeing your tree. Work of Graham Potter. Check out this two videos for inspiration.
I’m not having any helpful info when it comes to specie tho.

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Interesting! Seems like a lot of work ! :slight_smile: Thank you for posting this!

Dear Kerria,
after moving to our new house I found a giantic Forsythia in my garden and digged it out. At the end I´ve got 10 pieces. Each with large areas of dead wood. I missed to remove the bark from the dead pieces so I lost 7 of them. One I lost after overwatering it in a large container and one because of cutting to much foliage when it was already weak.
The last one found a way to produce roots under rotten bark and now looks like a tanuke. Now with more expirience with bonsai I take care to protect it during very cold winter and pinch it after 2 pairs of leafs have been emerged. In May I cut back to one leaf pair (and mostly to the very, very small leaflets at the base of the twig). The new flush is pinched to the siluette until end of growing season. I found it easy to wire new shoots after they harden off. Green shoot will break imedately and older wood is very brittle to. It builds knots at every junction even if only two twigs emerge.
Hope that helps a little
Best Balatus

By the way the deadwood seams to be more durable than what was told…


Dear Balatus,
Thank you very much for your help. I will do as you said.
Your bonsai is very beautiful! It gives a clear idea of what can be achieved!

Thanks again!