Japanese red pine tanyosho back budding

I just picked up a tanyosho Jrp from a nursery with a massive base. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this cultivar. I’ve hard from boon that this doesn’t take wiring well and it dosent back bud . Although there are signs of shaded out back buds during cleaning. any tips would be very welcome

Had my huge based JRP for 10 years.
Never even tried to backbud. Brittle as all getout… broke the entire future apex off looking to see if it would bend.
Huge base. LONG internodes on older limbs. Two repots to do roots slow. Got into smaller pot this yrear, tilted at 45 deg to get limbs where I want the crown. All of the needles are way out on limbs.
Been bending young limbs into circles for approach grafts on oldest wood. Don’t think I can cut old wood with a grafting knife. Will use a extra fine saw and chisel.
Mr Degroot (Was curator of Pacific Rim Bonsai.) said go slow, don’t cut everything off in one set to keep sap flow.
The Mirai needle / bud refinement process for JRP works real well, thought.
Oddly, I don’t have a current photo… Will fix that tomorrow!
Couldn’t make out what the gray thing in your photo is… lighter?
Good luck. Bonsai On!

.Yeah it’s a Zippo. Thanks a lot for the feed back. I put it in a large pond basket in a 1,1,1,1 mix of aka, lava, pumice, and nutra agg ( a substrate with a really high cec sold at American bonsai.) Then innoculated mycho in the substrates. Im kinda doing a little experiment on trying to encourage a higher nutrient retention while keeping a proper particle size in hopes that maybe that will improve the chances of back budding

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Here is mine it’s doing really well after I had Todd work on it for me in January.