Unknown species

Does anyone happen to know what this is? I bought this at a nursery in December last year, but it didn’t have a tag. It’s deciduous, went dormant in winter, but it also seems to grow aerial roots. Looking to turn it into a shohin over time. It started flowering last week. I’m in zone 7, and it’s been very hot lately in my area. I’ve posted photos here showing the leaves, the flower buds, the flowers, the bark, and the aerial roots (although out of focus). I don’t believe it’s a tree, but rather some sort of landscaping accent bush or shrub.

Any help would be great.


It might be “Bluebeard” Caryopteris Incana.

@MtBakerBonsai, thank you. That looks like exactly it. I don’t know how I could have figured that out, short of going to a nursery and showing the same photos. Which I was going to do if no one here knew what it was. Awesome. Thank you very much.

I have an app on my iPhone called Picture This. It uses image recognition.

@MtBakerBonsai awesome. I will check that out. Thanks

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