Broadleaf evergreen species identification (UK)

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

I’ve been clearing out my garden during lockdown and digging up old unwanted shrubs to make into bonsai (I saw people calling this yardadori on here!!). I’ve dug up this evergreen shrub that I think could make a great small/medium clump style tree. I was hoping someone might have some idea on what it is, and any tips for how to look after it as a bonsai:

It’s got very dark bark, but nearer the branches the twigs turn green. The leaves are really small and look kinda like cotoneaster? The new leaves are bright green and the older ones a darker more waxy colour. It has naturally very dense ramified pads which I think could give it great bonsai characteristics, and quite a decent trunk base. There seems to be a lot of back-budding on old wood too.

It has been growing in my garden in the UK, so is most likely to be a popular UK shrub I guess. Any help identifying it is massively appreciated!!

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I believe its an inkberry holly but i’m not sure further information on flowering in fruiting would be helpful in correctly identifying this plant, the more information the better. I hope this helps. Sincerely from your former colony in the south.


Hi Willow, thank you for replying to this! It certainly looks like a shamrock inkberry holly, at least in the leaves. I don’t think it has ever flowered or fruited so I unfortunately don’t have a lot more information about it. But it seems like if it is an inkberry holly it will flower in May/June, so I will keep my eyes peeled in case the change of position helps! All the best :slight_smile:

no worries best of luck!