Need helping figuring out the species of my first yamadori

Collected my first tree (from behind my garage of all places) about 3 weeks ago, the buds just started opening up this weekend! It for sure has compound leaves which i know isn’t great but it’s a very large tree so i’m hoping that’ll help keep it at least somewhat to scale! My guess is that it’s either an Ash or a Walnut but if anyone knows for certain i’d love to hear from them. Any styling advice is welcome as well!

You’ll have to take more pictures of the leaves once they fully come out.

I am a big fan of yard-adori.


Where do you live?
The ashes in Sweden has black buds, fairly large.
Rowan? Maple?
Hard to see in the pictures, wait until it has fully leafed out, should be alot easier.
Great trunk tho!

I live in Minnesota. The buds are nearly black so it you might be right calling it an ash! It took a couple hours to get it out of the fence it had been growing around but that whopper of a trunk was well worth it!