New acquisition :)

I purchased this azalea and pom pom today from the daughter of basically the last local bonsai master. Sadly, Else passed away last September. The daughter has sold the shop and is selling the trees that sat there neglected for quite some time.

I feel like I’ve not paid for at tree. Instead I paid homage to Else’s memory and it is now my task to continue the care for these trees.

Haha, dramatic. Any advice on styling of the azalea. It looks a bit like a shrub to me, but the ramification is top knotch. I’m going to have to build a stand for her. What would you have paid for her?



I don’t know how much I would have paid. I’m a bit of a cheapskate, and I kill azaleas like crazy. That is amazing material. I don’t think it would take much to make it look glorious. Do you know what color blooms it gives?

And I wouldn’t say caring for the tree to pay homage to Else’s memory is being dramatic. I think all of us here would be flattered and humbled to have a tree continue on after we’ve passed. It’s one thing to create art that we personally value. It’s another thing to have others find value in your creations.

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I live in upstate N.Y. and have seen Azaleas of this size and beauty commonly sold for in excess of $1,000.

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I’m not sure what color it will be. I asked her daughter and she didn’t know. :frowning: I just hope I don’t kill it. I started watching the azalea stream with Peter Warren lol.

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Good grief, I didn’t pay anywhere near that. :confused:

Spent a few hours yesterday just removing the spent flowers, removing minor flaws, cleaning the pot and cleaning up the bark. Still have some cleaning to go, but I got the trunk and main branches done.


No doubt you have a real legit specimen on your hands. Do you plan on reducing the

I do. This is my first azalea, so I need to learn what I can cut back to first. As you can see the canopy has gotten out of hand. I’d like to reduce it so I can put more emphasis on the trunk. Just bought some PC Petrifier to address the deadwood too.

Wow, nice find. Good clean up as well. All that remains is letting it recover and thrive under your care.

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Just a quick follow up. I spent 3 days just cleaning up the lichens and moss off of the tree. The deadwood went way further down into the trunk than I thought, so I filled it with some wood colored putty and also coated the deadwood with PC wood hardener. I got her stand built as well and now she’s getting acclimated to her new home. A storm is headed our way though, so she won’t be out there for too long.

Pardon the mess in my yard. Slowly getting it to where we want it to be. We just moved in this past March. After putting her on the stand I actually noticed how much asymmetry there is to the right. I may play on that when I do a big pruning next year.

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