Latest acquisition

$75 for the juniper and $5 for the book. Got some other stuff, but these are the interesting ones. I did well this trip. :slight_smile:

Precious cargo lol

This is the stand for my azalea, but wanted to see what this guy would look like on it. I won’t have to do too much to style it. It’s in desperate need of a repot though. :neutral_face:


I will give you $10 for the book!!


Bargains, on both counts. But $5 for the book :o To buy it second hand the UK it’s $130 +


It’s in amazing condition too. I don’t think anyone has actually read it. I’m barely opening the pages when I read it. First tree? It’s called the dragon. Mr. Kimura liked the way the tree looked upside down, so he created a live vein to the roots, separated it from the trunk, wrapped it in rafia and repositioned the root ball so he could flip the tree. :exploding_head:

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Finished styling the tree. I thought it was a needle juniper, but figured out it’s procumbens juniper. Couldn’t figure out what to do with the tiny apex and then stumbled upon combining it with the branch on the top left. There are some branches that need to be cut, but I’m leaving them for now until the tree is healthy again. It’s been quite neglected.

It’s hacky, but here’s the changes I’d like to make when the tree is healthier. Just wanna open up the negative space a bit and have more defined pads. It’s tough to tell in the pic, but the back right will be grown out and down to provide more depth. Lowest live branch will be grown out to provide depth as well. I’m using the dead branches on the right to provide the balance in the asymmetry. The leftmost branch that makes up the “apex” is a jumbled mess, but I can’t do anything with it until it’s fuller. Hope to get back budding so I can reduce that and rebuild.