Nursery stock nana rock planting

Procumbus Juniper I got from a local garden center for 7.99. two locally collected rocks and a simple pot. i know the moss addition is frowned upon but i needed something to provide support to the rock wall edges. I will add dyed sphagnum/ local moss blend later to develop a stronger symboitic system. Also intended to make a few of the branches deadwood features in the future. hope ya enjoy my first endevour in rock plantings.


What size container did you get for $8? It looks way bigger than a half gallon container.


nope it was just a half gallon container from local garden center. first styling last year and just repotted. from the bottom of the pot to top of the tree is right around 12 inches. the pot is 8 inches or so wide.

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That’s a nice little tree for $8. My wife got me the same thing, and I was going to let it grow out, but now I may just keep it small and work on it this year.

Thank you very much! yeah i prefer to get them while in the half gallon size. much easier to redirect trunk/branch structure. recently i got 8 more at the same price, i set the structure and created deadwood on the new batch. much more confident with my techique and fundementals with design this year. ill upload a few of the new trees soon.

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