Rescued juniper

Here’s a rescued juniper I picked up from development site about 2 years ago.

I recently worked on it in a workshop with Bill Valavanis when he was here in the Seattle area. Cleaned it up, pruned, worked on some deadwood, set structure, but were not able to finish.

Here’s a close up of the natural deadwood.

Here’s a pic after I worked on it.

There’s still work to he done. It will be for next Sunday.

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Inspiring work! Really love that deadwood right at the base, such character. I like where you’re going with the styling as well, that new angle is great. Always interested in how people approach getting this kind of material - how’d you go about getting it from the site?

I saw the dozers and the back hoes. Asked the workers if they’re tearing the whole parking lot down and when.
Turns out that they we’re going to do it that day. Had to use my son’s aquarium substrate and gravel to pot the tree up. In the plastic pot it was in. It’s been in that pot for about 2 years in aquarium substrate and gravel with native soil for the root ball. Haven’t checked it yet.
I will be repotting it next year.
Plan is a windswept design. Plan is there will be a rock on the left side of the tree right beside the trunk.

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