Nanban Pot self build

I scored a really cool cork bark JBP earlier this year in a club auction. It hadn’t been repotted for a long time and I wanted to change the angle, so I cleaned out about 60% of the soil and put it back in its mica pot. The tree will obviously need time to reestablish, but moving forward, it is screaming out to be a literary.
As I have time, I would like to try to make a nanba pot for it. There is a supplier who can fire it, I was just hoping for some advice on the build.

I have heard it said that a nanban pot is one of the hardest bonsai ceramic forms to execute, requiring mastery of formal forms first. Like understanding the rules thoroughly before breaking them.
(I realise that’s not very encouraging, sorry…)

Thanks @Silva_Naturalis
Iv got a good few years before I can move it on to the pot I want. Looks like I will have to master pottery. What else was I going to do?:joy: